My logo. Took me forever to draw this.

A little bit about ‘V’. First of all, I have come to terms with a splitting of my personality as of late. I’m never quite content with my public or online personas. Because of this, I have had well over forty online personas and each one is more complicated and secretive than the last. Until I came across three of them. A.V.B.H. and M.A.M. were the first two to step out of the creative side of my brain. Angel and Shynx stepped out of my desire to be more bold. Angel and Shynx count as the same person actually. Angel N. Malice aka Shynx N Malice has been dormant for quite some time.

Recently, and I mean exactly a month and two days ago, I discovered a new personality which had been inside of me for a long time (twenty or so years) which had faded away. Her name is V. It was scary how I discovered her, honestly. It was through a friend and an introduction to a K-Pop group called Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS). Though this group is considerably younger than me *They are legal adults, though* I identify with their music greatly. This has not happened since Linkin Park. Through watching clips and shows on my down time, I discovered that a lot of their personality quirks are similar to mine, at least how I remember them.

So I came up with a theory *I love doing that*. When I become invested in a group, I begin to mimic specified parts of group members. It’s something of a coping mechanism, a way of shifting my own personality to a better one. Everyone does this, with family and with friends. I happen to do it with just about everyone I meet or any celebrity I watch. When I encounter a person or persons who are actively similar to me, it not only leads me to discover more about them, but more about myself.

And, there are going to be some sleuths out there who look up BTS and say, “Hey! There’s a guy named V in the group! Are you copying him?” The answer to this is, V’s personality (what I can see of it) is similar to mine and through him, I get the most internal narrative. So, in a sense, yes. The same happened with Linkin Park at which time I called myself Lil Noda and Baby Bourdie. (I went through the whole cut off gloves and huge hoodies phase, too.)

I say all of this to say: I have made some changes in my life personally, professionally, intimately, and I have found that I must also make a clear division of my professional self, personal self, online self, and intimate self. Without revealing too much of who I am, this is me, Lady V. If you get close to this side, maybe you can meet more.



  1. Respect. I give respect, I demand it.
  2. We do not have to agree, but let us disagree respectfully.
  3. You never have to agree with me just because you are my friend. Everyone is different.
  4. I may not seem like it, but I am always here to help, listen, and guide when needed.
  5. I love K-Pop. If you bash it, I may have choice thoughts about you, but unless you threaten me, I’ll probably keep them to myself.
  6. I am a graduate student. So I may not update very often.
  7. Yes, I drew that logo in ms paint. If there is something similar, let me know please!
  8. I love horror anything!
  9. I role-play via AOL instant messenger and Tumblr. So, yeah, if you’re into that, we can write together.
  10. And if we do rp together, I am again, a graduate student, so, time constraints!
  11. Gender: I am cis-gender female.
  12. Sexuality: I am Gray Asexual . Romantic orientation: Pan Romantic.
  13. Neutral political. I want what is best for the country.
  14. I am African-American but identify as human.
  15. Non-Denominational. My god is the universe. I am a believer, I am simply shaping it in other ways.
  16. I am a philosopher. You are, too. My main area: absurdism as explained by me.
  17. If we interact over Skype or other mediums, I am subject to cover my face.
  18. I cuss. Let’s get that out there. I will try not to.
  19. You will see interruptions from a “stranger” on here. This will be explained later.
  20. My favorite book is The Stranger by Albert Camus.
  21. I love comments and questions and stuff!