A Kick to the Left Eyebrow

It's not really that bad.


The Stranger has Arrived

The Neverending Desire to be Something I Don’t Understand

The video above is by Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS). I encourage you to turn on the CC. The lyrics of this song made me cry this morning. And, it was dry tears. Have you ever cried dry tears? It is painful.

I have been finding it hard to do my homework. I’ve had three days to read and I simply haven’t. I have over 70 pages to read tomorrow so that I can post four paragraphs on a discussion board. I just can’t function right now.

I’m losing my mind.


Ugh, Feelings

Have you ever had an assignment that makes you think? Worse. The assignment makes you reach back into the saddest memories that you can remember? Imagine being asked about the first time you were made to feel different. Then, pretend that you are me. Exactly which time in my life do you want? Because, with each interval of my life, it brought a new first time to feel different. I suppose that I will have to start from the beginning, but, in truth I already feel incredibly alienated now. Why would I want to go through this again? Oh, right. Because it may help someone.

I guess I have to go back to that time…whichever one it was.


So what about you, reader? What was your first time to feel different? Tell me yours, I’ll tell you mine.


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